Semantic Conflict

I am now studying in Victor Marushenko’s photoschool. The first week we have a task to show our photo semantic conflict. What is it? it is a comparison of phenomena, scale, color, light, mood, age, social, and ethnic groups The main and good question that the creator asked us today sound like : «Why did you shoot this?» «What did you mean by that?»

Analytics is a useful thing. In my photography I tried to convey the contrast of the city and people in today. Kiev, lives by opposites, from the one side there are ugly dirty transitions and minibuses, lovely grandmothers with their plastic bags and killed bloody chickens. However, on a Young Prospective-Entrepreneurs who advocate for the protection of animals, cleanliness of the city, organic food, we run from one trendy bar to another trendy bar. All for the aesthetics We can now order Ubers, and try not to notice those transitions that do not really go anywhere, or perhaps we’re just used to them.

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